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Have you ever participated in a discussion in a safe space? Was it any different than a discussion elsewhere?
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Jul 31, 2020
My answer to the first question is that yes, I have participated in a discussion in a safe space. In my high school, we have a week called Social Justice Week which is a week of seminars about a variety of topics. For example, one day would be about sex trafficking and another day would be about diversity and inclusion. During this week, I had to organize a seminar about environmental justice and lead a group discussion afterward. Though it was hard being comfortable about being uncomfortable, I tried to open up to people first about myself and made jokes to lighten the mood a bit. The discussions did not go smoothly at first but soon our discussions became interesting. I got to learn much more because we all had different kinds or amounts of background knowledge. For instance, day students could bring up local examples and international students could mention examples of their region. Another experience of mine was during a religious retreat. There were a lot of personal questions to answer and we were assured of the confidentiality. Yes, it is definitely difficult to open up to people that you probably have not known for so long, but we all opened up and the whole retreat was an unforgettable memory for me even though I am not religious. Experiencing these situations, I can surely say that a safe space discussion is different from other discussions. I learn so much about the individuals attending the discussions and the different perspectives through safe space discussions. It is different from merely knowing what their opinion is about a certain topic or question. Therefore, I believe that it is important to set a safe space for discussion in order to encourage people to be attentive and be less concerned about the judgments.


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