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Interview with Myoung Chan Kim

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

By Ann Kim, Communications Editor

Graphic by Senching Hsia

Ann Kim: How have you dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic through your job/occupation?

Myoung Chan Kim: Working at Incheon International Airport Medical Center, I encounter many passengers who are potential COVID-19 positive patients everyday. Even imposing strict quarantine measures, exposure to the viral infection is inevitable when you're working at the airport. To protect myself and others around me, I have to take appropriate precautions and follow COVID-19 workplace protocols, such as wearing N95 medical masks, observing physical distancing, and hand hygiene.

AK: What is something you think people ought to know about COVID-19?

MCK: Many times it is asymptomatic or only shows symptoms of the common cold, and we may take it too lightly and make it harder to identify and contain. We have to always be alert and follow public health guidelines. By now, everyone knows the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing, and personal hygiene, but we often forget that masks are effective only if we wear them properly; they are effective only if they cover your mouth, nose, and chin together at the same time. After you've put your mask on, don't touch it again until it's time to take it off and remove your mask by the ear loops only and don't touch the front of your mask.

AK: How has this affected your family or the way you relate to your family?

MCK: One of the good things about this pandemic is that it has contributed to strengthening family bonds. During the crisis, we are staying at home more and doing many things together that we have taken for granted such as watching movies, eating dinner, and having a chat with our teenage sons. It has been a catalyst for more understanding and caring for each other and has united us as one big family with love and happiness.

AK: What long term effects of COVID-19 (if any) do you foresee?

MCK: Because it has already been going on for more than a half year, it’s wearing down everybody's patience. Personally, it is also causing fatigue both physically and mentally. To overcome this formidable challenge, we should stay calm, not overreact, and try to concentrate on my daily life and be thankful in all circumstances.

AK: How has the pandemic affected your lifestyle?

MCK: No doubt it has immensely affected all parts of my lifestyle. Due to this pandemic, we are forced to change almost everything in our life from social gatherings to pushing an elevator button. Many people say that we can not return to pre-pandemic normalcy anytime soon, but let's never bet against science. I can assure you that we can get an effective and sustainable vaccine against the virus and return to normal and peaceful life again in the near future.

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