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Interview with Hyungbin Choi

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

By Ann Kim, Communications Editor

Graphic by Elaine Zhang

Ann Kim: Why did you decide to create CoronaNOW?

Hyungbin Choi: When COVID-19 was first discovered in the beginning of February, there was a lot of unfounded information spreading. Thus, in order to solve these problems, we arranged data from multiple proven sites using simple codes to provide a combined platform for the citizens to see the problems intuitively.

AK: What is something you think people ought to know about COVID-19?

HC: The symptoms and effects of coronavirus along with its rapid transmission rate is really dangerous, but one thing I believe many people do not recognize about the dangers of COVID-19 or any type of global pandemic is the spread of anxiety in our local communities. This anxiety eventually leads to a collapse of the economy and this sense of anxiety is deep-rooted and a part of daily lives, it is then when the widespread pandemic may come as a psychological pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial that all people recognize the fallacies in the information that are transferred from one another and only trust the information that is corroborated.

AK: How has COVID-19 affected your family or the way you relate to your family?

HC: COVID-19 has caused everyone around me to wear masks and always socially distance themselves as a part of normal life. Because it is difficult to freely roam around and talk outside without masks, I just hope COVID-19 will be over soon.

AK: What long term effects of COVID-19 (if any) do you foresee?

HC: If COVID-19 persists, people will not continue to be as cautious about COVID-19 as they are now. Personally, I believe this may cause a re-expansion of the epidemic within the country. Even if COVID-19 persists, my hope is that people stay cautious and aware.

AK: How has the pandemic affected your lifestyle?

HC: Wherever people go, people consider how crowded the place they are going may be. They also seem to be meeting up with fewer people.

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