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frequently asked questions

Who is part of the Connect in Health team? 

Any high school or college student interested in public health, international policy, writing, or medicine can become part of the Connect in Health team by following the directions on the CONTACT page. The CiH team consists of 5 teams: Managing Team, Periodicals Team, Social Media Team, Website Team, and Project Team. Based on your interests and skills, we will assign you to one or more teams that suits you best.

What is a periodical? How can I write a periodical?

A periodical is an article exploring a writer's opinion or research on any public health topic of their choosing. Anyone on the Connect in Health team can write periodicals for our monthly submission deadlines. Periodicals Writers are specifically selected writers assigned to write a periodical each month. 

What does Connect in Health do?

Connect in Health is a global community of students working together to facilitate awareness about pertinent public health issues and build a generation of understanding and consciousness. We work to spread information about public health issues through periodicals and the bulletin board on our website, social media posts, and various projects. 

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