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As a website dedicated to facilitating conversation and spreading awareness on important health issues, we could no longer sit back and ignore the ongoing health crisis that has affected the entire world: COVID-19.

how will we address COVID-19?

weekly briefings

Each week, we will publish a list of headlines and news articles that are most relevant and significant regarding COVID-19. We hope this page will help you navigate the current overload of both reliable and unreliable information in the media.


We will fact-check the most common myths or misconceptions surrounding COVID-19. We hope this page will clarify your understanding of the virus and its effects. 


We will publish collections of our contributors' opinions and experiences with regards to COVID-19. Each collection will feature various responses (art, writing, etc.) to a COVID-19-themed question. 


We will continue to publish our contributors' in-depth monthly periodicals surrounding health issues from their own background or interest. Many of our periodicals will feature investigations of the effects of COVID-19. 

We hope that Connect in Health will serve as a useful resource for you as you navigate life through this pandemic. 


You are not alone. 

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