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Failings in sexual education can lead to public health crises on a catastrophic scale.

Of the 37,832 new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. and dependent areas in 2018, 21% were

Many South Korean students and even educators resort to pornography to fill in the
gaps left by sex-ed curricula.

The official sex-ed curriculum put forth by the South Korean Ministry of Education both
excludes any mention of LGBTQ+ issues and reinforces stereotypical gender roles.

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For this project, we decided to tackle the contentious issue of sexual education, choosing to study the way that topics on sex, gender, and sexuality are taught in both the United States and South Korea. We began with a comprehensive overview of what experts recommend students be taught with regard to these topics. Then, we used that framework to analyze the effectiveness of school curricula. Along the way, we tried to keep in mind the importance of sexual education, empirically studying both large- and small-scale health crises that arose from failed sexual education — from the individual to the national, a comprehensive sexual education is fundamental to public health on every level.

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