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what is connect in health?

Video Created by Elaine Zhang, Graphics Editor


how it works

Connect in Health is an online platform for students around the world to share their views on important and pertinent public health issues. The ultimate goal is to facilitate awareness about these issues on a personal level and build a generation of understanding and consciousness.

Connect in Health is composed of two parts: the FORUM and PERIODICALS.

The FORUM is a space for free discussion and collaboration surrounding a monthly topic. Anyone can sign up to contribute to this forum. At the end of each month, a summary of the discussion will be posted. If the content of the discussion is deemed especially valuable and diverse, further action may be taken to publicize.

PERIODICALS is a page for frequent forum contributors who wish to explore public health issues that are pertinent to their personal background in depth. This is a space for listening and paying close attention to the stories of other global citizens. 

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