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Connect in Health is an online platform for students around the world to share their views on important and pertinent public health issues. The ultimate goal is to facilitate awareness about these issues on a personal level and build a generation of understanding and consciousness.


The Balmis Expedition

In November of 1803, the Balmis Expedition was dispatched to spread the newly-minted smallpox vaccine around the world. In this article, Anya Miksovsky explores the history of vaccines and the precursors to modern vaccine rollouts.



Dear Africa, Mental Health is not a Myth! 

During the past few years, the movement for mental health awareness has gained global momentum. In Africa, though, there is still work to be done. While many are choosing to speak up, Africa’s acceptance of mental illness falls far behind that of the Western world.

Zhang, Elaine - Medical Apartheid.JPG

Israeli Medical Apartheid

When vaccine rollout began worldwide, Israel received praise internationally for their efficient vaccine distribution. However, what the Israeli government conveniently failed to mention is that vaccines were only available to Israeli citizens — not the five million Palestinians struggling to survive in Occupied Territories.

Media and the Misrepresentation of Ebola

Media plays an important role in determining the research antiviral labs and companies decide to pursue. Ebola is a dangerous disease that requires attention, but does its emphasis in media outlets threaten research efforts for other viruses/diseases?



Gun violence is a prevalent issue in the U.S. In fact, it is an epidemic. Managing Team member Ariel Kim describes how a public health approach can provide valuable ways to effectively tackle this issue.

My Definition of Healthy Eating

Managing Team member Sabahat Rahman grapples with the question of what eating healthy truly means. Is it going keto, paleo, low-carb, or gluten-free? Is it tracking macros and calorie intake? Or is it something else?

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